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All of the products listed on this page are New Old Stock.
simms_ow_g4_pro_jacket Simms - G4 Pro Wading Jacket
$549.95 $439.95 On Sale!
Updated for Fall 2014. Dress for absolute angling success in Simms’ versatile, stormproof G4 Pro™ Jacket.

Limited to Stock on Hand!
simms_ow_g3_guide_tactical_wading_jacket Simms - G3 Guide Tactical Wading Jacket
$499.95 $349.95 On Sale!
A versatile high-performance 3-Layer GORE-TEX® wading jacket.
NEW Old Stock!
simms_ow_waypoints_jacket Simms - Waypoints Jacket
$119.95 $95.95 On Sale!
Perfectly packable waterproof/breathable storm jacket

Limited to Stock on Hand!
simms_ow_slick_jacket Simms - Slick Jacket
$499.95 $399.95 On Sale!
When rainfall powerwashes the Pacific Northwest, find returns of ocean-bright steelhead and seek fortress-like shelter in Simms’ new Slick Jacket.

Limited to Stock on Hand!
simms_b_flats_sneaker Simms - Flats Sneaker
$119.95 $95.95 On Sale!
The Flats Sneaker offers a lightweight sneaker for flats wading or on the bow of a skiff boat.

Limited to Stock on Hand!
simms_b_tributary Simms - Tributary Wading Boot - Rubber Sole
$99.95 $79.95 On Sale!
Kit this durable, comfortable boot with the Tributary line of waders for an unbeatable combination of affordable performance.

Limited to Stock on Hand!
simms_intruder_saltwater_wading_boot_SM Simms - Intruder Saltwater Wading Boot
$189.95 $149.95 On Sale!
Saltwater wading boots that support your feet for while you read the water.

Limited to Stock on Hand!
simms_b_vaportread_salt Simms - Vaportread Boot - Salt
$199.95 $159.95 On Sale!

Flats Fishing Footwear For Authoritative Comfort and Performance wherever pelagic species roam.
Soles: Vibram

Limited to Stock on Hand!
simms_b_g4_rivertread Simms - G4 Boa Boot - Rivertread
$249.95 $199.95 On Sale!

Step into Simms’ G4 Boa® Boot and elevate your fishing experience thanks to an asymmetrical Boa® system that delivers an articulated, secure fit over and across the instep.

Limited to Stock on Hand!
simms_guide_light_weight_bugstopper_sock_SM Simms - Guide Lightweight BugStopper Sock
$29.95 $23.95 On Sale!
Lightweight, insect-fishing socks you can rock on and off the river

Limited to Stock on Hand!
simms_s_guide_lightweight_crew Simms - Guide Lightweight Crew Sock
$24.95 $19.95 On Sale!
Lightweight Merino socks you’ll rely on both on and off the water
simms_s_guide_midweight_OTC Simms - Guide Midweight OTC Socks
$29.95 $23.95 On Sale!
Premium midweight merino sock

Limited to Stock on Hand!
simms_guide_thermal_OTC_sock_SM Simms - Guide Thermal OTC Sock
$39.95 $31.95 On Sale!
Premium Merino socks.

Limited to Stock on Hand!
simms_s_wading_sock Simms - Wading Sock
$24.95 $19.95 On Sale!
Premium Merino wool retains warmth and wicks moisture with aplomb, while the 11-inch overall leg length—slightly shorter than the ExStream™ Sock—reduces weight and makes for prime packability.

Limited to Stock on Hand!
simms_g_outdry_insulated_glove Simms - OutDry Insulated Glove
$79.95 $63.95 On Sale!
Escape the worst weather conditions inside these OutDry® Insulated Gloves. The baked lamination process eliminates bunching and they're 100% waterproof.
simms_dry_creek_z_hip_pack_sm Simms - Dry Creek Z Hip Pack
$229.95 $183.95 On Sale!
Keep your gear safe and dry when the waters rise and the rain pours down with Simms' Dry Creek Z Hip Pack.
simms_p_dry_creek_duffel Simms - Dry Creek Duffel - Small
$159.99 $127.99 On Sale!
A small rugged, waterproof duffel bag to haul your gear to any destination near or far.
20.5" x 10" x 10"
simms_l_montana_wool_bottom Simms - Montana Wool Mid Bottom
$119.95 $72.95 On Sale!
Level up your layering this season with best-in-class breathability meets the superior warmth-to-weight performance of Simms Montana Wool Mid Bottom. Engineered to fish through weeks of bleak conditions, 18.5-micron, superfine wool is an aggressive insulator that also subdues stench. While flatlock stitched seams enhance comfort thanks to next-to-skin smoothness that won’t leave you chafed. Stitched in the States, by Simms.
simms_p_bounty_hunter_single_rod_reel_case_sm Simms - Bounty Hunter Single Rod & Reel Case
$89.95 $62.99 On Sale!
Premium single rod/reel case that protects precious cargo
simms-padded-organizer-gunmetal_s18-sm Simms - Padded Organizer Gear Bag
$59.95 $41.97 On Sale!
You don't need much on the water, but what you do need better be close at hand. The Simms Padded Organizer Gear Bag puts essential gear at your fingertips.