Abel - SD Reel 6/7 Black Left Hand

Our 27 year history has proven one undeniable fact: our cork drags work. That statement is backed by more world records caught on Abel Reels then almost all other reels combined. While cork provides a perfect balance of design, strength, weight, smoothness, and heat dissipation, we’ve recognized the gravitation towards a completely maintenance free sealed drag system for certain anglers. Because of this, we’ve spent the last several years meticulously designing and field testing a new series of reels worthy of the Abel name.

Abel’s Sealed Drag Reel consists of multi-stacked discs of machined aluminum and a proprietary Rulon® composite, all housed in a fully sealed cartridge. This means no maintenance required. The aluminum discs are hard anodized for abrasion resistance and lightly lubricated to allow free motion for a lifetime of protection under heavy operation. Our proprietary Rulon® has a low coefficient of friction, excellent abrasion resistance, and chemical inertness over a wide range of operating temperatures. The anodized aluminum sealed drag cartridge, coupled with a 330 degree angled cam system drag knob features 24 detents (clicks) of adjustment yields virtually infinite settings using an infallible draw bar tightening system. The innovative design also yields incredibly low startup inertia to protect fine tippets, while still giving plenty of stopping power for slowing down the fastest running fish.

How is the Abel Sealed Drag Reel different from all the other reel “sealed” systems? Most sealed drags are bulky; other reel manufacturers are forced to utilize wider frames and spindles to accommodate higher masses. Unlike these products, the Abel Sealed Drag fits into the same narrow frame as its famed Super Series cousin. While other models in the industry with so called “sealed” drag systems have allowed fresh and saltwater to compromise their product, the lengthy field testing of our design has proven it to be completely waterproof. What this means for Abel’s Sealed Drag is no corrosion, no maintenance, and no failures.

  • MULTI-STACKED MACHINED DRAG SYSTEM - Our fully sealed, proprietary Rulon® machined composite stacked discs are smooth enough to protect the lightest tippets but still capable of stopping large game fish. The fully sealed design means no corrosion and no failures.
  • CUSTOM ANODIZED FRAME - A perfect blend of form and function, Abel’s anodizing is second to none. The SD’s finish is built to withstand the harshest elements while maintaining the look, feel, and quality of the Abel® name.
  • INFINITELY ADJUSTABLE CAM - 330 degree angled cam system drag knob features 24 detents (clicks) of adjustment for virtually infinite settings using a reliable, proven draw bar tightening system.
  • MADE IN THE USA - 100% designed, machined and hand-assembled in the USA. No exceptions.
  • Line Weights 4wt, 5 wt
    Weight: 5.4 oz.
    Line wt + Yards of Backing:
    4wt + 100yds #20
    5wt + 75yds #20
    Black w/ Rosewood Handle
    Left Hand Retrieve

    Abel - SD Reel 6/7 Black Left Hand
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