RIO Tropical Intermediate/Intermediate Fly Line

Front-End + Back-End Welded Loops

The Saltwater I/I line is a full intermediate (1.5 ips .7 cm/s) line with a green tint and a 9.5 ft clear tip. It is a great line for laid-up fish that are a little deeper in the water column or for keeping in touch with the fly in choppy water. Based on the Clouser taper and built on RIO's Powerflex core with a tropical coating, it is the perfect full intermediate line for fishing in warmer climes. Welded loops on both ends.

75-100 degrees

  • Weight Forward Intermediate/Intermediate
  • 7 - 12 weight
  • Length: 100'
  • Head: 42 ft
  • Color: Green Tint w/9.5' Clear Tip
  • RIO Tropical Intermediate/Intermediate Fly Line
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