Hardy Ultralite CA DD 4000 Reel

One of the sweetest sounds in fly fishing is the scream of a well-engineered reel smoothly surrendering line to a hot fish as it heads for the horizonů but when that hot fish turns tail and runs right back down the barrel at you, the ability to pick line up and stay in contact becomes paramount to success. The Ultralite CA DD reel series is designed with an ultra large, conical arbor giving incredible line pick up and reducing drag gain on the longest runs, whilst the 360 degree colour coded drag system delivers consistent drag pressure and the ability to always stay one step ahead of the twists and turns of the hottest fish.

  • Titanium
  • Bar stock 6061
  • Two tone anodising
  • 360 degree colour coded drag
  • Captive spool release
  • Ultra large arbor

  • Capacity (20lb Gel Spun):
    ~ WF5 + 75m; WF6 + 55m
    Diameter: 3.74" (95mm)
    Weight: 5.0oz (143g)
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    Hardy Ultralite CA DD 4000 Reel
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