Lamson Center Axis 5wt Rod/Reel Outfit


Effortless accuracy. Cast off your preconceptions of fly rod design. The Center Axis may be the most meaningful advancement in fly rod performance since graphite replaced fiberglass all those decades ago. By closely aligning the center mass of our Litespeed reel with the center axis of our rods, weíve de-levered the mass of the heavier object. The result will amaze you. Youíll feel the pulse of your cast like never before. Donít take our word for it. Put the Center Axis in your hand. Casting is believing. No matter how effective the Center Axis is at reducing reel-induced inputs, the system can only be as good as the rod itís fitted to. Our freshwater rods are designed to be versatile, accurate, fun to cast and honest to their line weight. We think a 5 weight that needs to be over-lined to load short isnít really a 5 weight. A versatile rod trades a little line speed for the ability to form D-loop casts and project loop symmetry in a variety of conditions. Itís a balancing act from a design standpoint, but we think youíll be impressed with the results.

9 ft
Medium-Fast Action
Reverse Half Wells grip
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Lamson Center Axis 5wt Rod/Reel Outfit
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